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hatemail revenge greeting cards

Hatemail was designed to let someone get their feelings off their chest. Let’s say you have a person that has pissed you off and you would love to tell them that they make you sick.  Most people shy away from that from fear of potential repercussions? Well, we have the solution… Hatemail greeting cards!

Do you HATE YOUR BOSS? Have a SHITTY EX?  LOUSY NEIGHBOR?  Send the jerk a card telling them how you really feel.

Hatemail is the ultimate REVENGE! A prank gift where YOU get the last laugh!

Pick a card that represents the feelings that you would love to convey. We handcraft the card and mail it 100% anonymously to them.  Our return address is not even on the card.  There is absolutely NO WAY to identify who it came from.  We do not allow personalized messages to assure no one breaches anonymity or says things that could cross legal lines.

It is that simple.  Now sit back and visualize the expression on their face when they open the card thinking someone sent a nice greeting card to them only to discover it says “I Hope You Die”, “You Suck”, “You’re a Shitty Boss” or any of our other heart-felt expressions. Ha Ha Ha!

These cards are crafted by hand & the envelope is sealed with hate-filled spit!  We send you a picture of your card when it is ready to be mailed.  🙂

You can make special requests.  Just let us know!



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If you’ve heard of sending someone a “bag of dicks” or other gag items… this is right up the same alley, except our cards are more personalized.

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